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Arrête ou je continue


Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
Pomme and Pierre have been together for a long time, but where has their love gone? Their relationship has lapsed into a mechanical routine, caught up in a cycle of bickering and insults. It’s not so much that they can’t stand one another, they can no longer tolerate being a twosome, being the two people they are… "If you don't, I will" could be the words of either one of them, and yet there is still a spark between them, they still want to believe in their relationship even if they are clinging to shallow declarations and an idea of kindness; their sense of humor in their relationship is still alive. But during one of their regular long walks in the forest, Pomme refuses to come home. There is no arguing with her, her mind is made up. All she wants is for him to pass her her jacket, her sweater, their bag, and leave. She disappears into the trees, without any fanfare or goodbyes...
Themes Couple , Lies , Nature
Year of production 2013
Cast Sophie Fillières : • Sophie Fillières : • Emmanuelle Collinot : • Henri Maïkoff : • Carole Gérard : • Manu de Chauvigny : • Valérie Loiseleux : • Christophe : • Maurice Tinchant : • Martine Marignac : • Emmanuelle Devos : Pomme • Mathieu Amalric : Pierre • Anne Brochet : Sonia • Joséphine de La Baume : Millie • Nelson Delapalme : Romain • Julia Roy : Simone • David Clark : John, le professeur de gymnastique • Laurent Poitrenaux : Marouani • Anthony Paliotti :
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Arrête ou je continue