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Baby(a)lone -12


Running time


Rent 48h
1,99 €
This story does not take place in shanty towns or in an exotic world of poverty in a hot country. The story of 'Baby(a)lone' unfolds right in the heart of modern Europe. A Europe that has committed itself to providing its future generations with everything. And yet things do not turn out as expected. At only 13 years old, they know all about violence, drugs and pornography. They experience all this in the environment which is closest to them and which they are most accustomed to: their school. Two of these disoriented children, these children who grow up too quickly, form a couple. As a pair, they feel less alone, or perhaps one might even feel understood. As their love affair goes on, our very young teenagers will try to create a world of hopes and dreams for themselves. A headlong rush, with no other purpose than to search for the love that is so desperately missing from their lives. A brutal and violent rush that marks their lives with moments of childlike happiness the likes of which they have never experienced before.
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