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Bad Seeds -16
by Safy Nebbou (2012)

Made in/with Luxembourg, Drama


Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
Louis, 16 is the son of the principal of his own school. His best friend, Greg, is threatened with permanent discharge after having attacked their young English teacher. In order to take revenge, he decides to kidnap her. Louis becomes his accomplice when giving him the keys to an isolated cabin owned by his family on a river island in the marshes. They have to liberate her the following morning, but Greg does not arrive at the handover…
Themes Teenager
Year of production 2012
Release date 18/07/2019
Cast Safy Nebbou : • Safy Nebbou : • Gilles Taurand : • Gilles Taurand : • Boileau-Narcejac : • Pierre Cottereau : • Bernard Sasia : • Magdalena Labuz : • Cyril Gomez-Mathieu : • Jani Thiltges : • Michel Saint-Jean : • Patrick Quinet : • Emile Berling : Louis • Charles Berling : Pierre Verdier • Sarah Stern : Camille • Kevin Azaïs : Greg • Patrick Bonnel : Bernard Delcourt • Mireille Perrier : Nathalie Delcourt • Pierre Lottin : Eric Delcourt
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Bad Seeds