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Công Binh, la longue nuit indochinoise
by Lam Lê (2012)

France, Vietnam

Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
10,99 €
On the eve of World War II, 20,000 Vietnamese men in French Indochina were forced into labor in arms factories to replace French workers who'd left for the front. Mistaken for soldiers, blocked in France after the 1940 defeat, at the mercy of the German occupying forces and collaborationist bosses, these civil workers known as "Cong Binh" led a parias' life during the Occupation. They were rice cultivation pioneers in the Camarque and unjustly thought of as traitors in Vietnam, although they all supported Ho Chi Minh in the country's independence in 1945. Twenty survivors, five of whom died while the film was being edited, in Vietnam and France talk about their experiences. They recount the here and now of colonialism and give accounts of the opprobrium they, and even their children, encountered. A moment from the history between France and Vietnam that has shamefully been erased from the collective memory.
Themes Childhood , Exile , Immigration , Fight , Politics , Quest for identity , Encounter
Year of production 2012
Cast Lam Lê : • Lam Lê : • Pierre Daum : • Hoang Duc Ngo Tich : • Lam Lê : • Mathieu Descamps : • Lam Lê : • Jonathan Delpeint : • Lê Cat Trong Ly : • Lam Lê : • Pascal Verroust : • Thanh Nguyen : lui-même • Lê Bá Dang : lui-même
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Công Binh, la longue nuit indochinoise