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Face the Wall
Face the Wall
Gesicht zur Wand

Documentary, Made in/with Luxembourg


Germany, Luxembourg

Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
The five life stories told by former East German citizens incarcerated for attempting to flee the Republic in the GDR who are representing a group of around 72,000 ex-convicts are shocking to the core. The subjects speak with extraordinary openness of their struggles with the regime, of horrific prison conditions and interrogation methods.
Themes Immigration , Manipulation , Politics , Prison
Year of production 2009
Release date 24/04/2016
Cast Stefan Weinert : • Stefan Weinert : • Lars Lenski : • Ruben S. Bürgam : • Roland Stähle : • Eric J. François : • Peter Veismann : • Andreas B. : • Anne K. : • Catharina Mage : • Lothar R. : • Mario Röllig :
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Face the Wall