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Funny Games -16


Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
Two seemingly well-educated young men, who call each other Paul and Peter among other names, approach a family on vacation. They are, apparently, friends of the neighbors, and, at the beginning, their true intentions are not known, but soon, the family is imprisoned and tortured in its own house violently. It might be some kind of game with the lives of husband, wife, son, and dog, but why are they doing it?
Themes Madness
Year of production 1996
Cast Michael Haneke : • Michael Haneke : • Jürgen Jürges : • Walter Amann : • Christoph Kanter : • Lisy Christl : • Andreas Prochaska : • Veit Heiduschka : • Susanne Lothar : Anna • Ulrich Mühe : Georg • Arno Frisch : Paul • Frank Giering : Peter • Stefan Clapczynski : Schorschi • Doris Kunstmann : Gerda • Christoph Bantzer : Fred • Wolfgang Glück : Robert • Susanne Meneghel : la soeur de Gerda • Monika Zallinger : Eva
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Funny Games