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Hannah Arendt

History, Made in/with Luxembourg


Germany, Luxembourg

Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
New York, 1961. World-famous philosopher Hannah Arendt is thrilled when the reputable magazine 'The New Yorker' accepts her proposal to cover the trial of Nazi mass murderer Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem. With this piece of work she seeks for a last chance to confront herself with the past, having been interned in France and barely having escaped deportation to a concentration camp herself. When she publishes her articles and coins the term 'banality of evil', the result is a global outcry of indignation. Public opinion worldwide consider Eichmann a monster and is appalled by Arendt's unemotional approach and interpretation of history. Her life, name and reputation are threatenend. Defending her opinions with admirable courage, she refuses to be shaken by this bitter dispute even at the expense of personal friendships. Margarethe von Trotta's feature film is a stirring glimpse on the controversy caused by Arendt's uncompromising political thoughts and a portrait of an exceptional woman.
Themes Youth , Justice , Politics
Year of production 2012
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Hannah Arendt