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Hold-up à la milanaise
Audace colpo dei soliti ignoti
by Nanni Loy (1959)

France, Italy

Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
A Milanese gangster contacts Peppe; he has identified him and his accomplices as the perpetrators of the bungled attempt at the Madonna street pawn shop. His offer is to reunite the same men for a daring robbery in Milan, where the local offices of football betting pool Totocalcio shift the weekly revenue on Sunday afternoon via a common car with just an accountant and a driver in it.
Year of production 1959
Cast Nanni Loy : • Nanni Loy : • Agenore Incrocci : • Furio Scarpelli : • Piero Umiliani : • Roberto Gerardi : • Mario Serandrei : • Carlo Egidi : • Lucia Mirisola : • Vides Cinematografica (Roma) : • Société Générale de Cinématographie (S.G.C.) : • Titanus : • Vittorio Gassman : Peppe er pantera • Renato Salvatori : Mario Angeletti • Claudia Cardinale : Carmela Nicosia • Vicky Ludovici : Floriana • Nino Manfredi : Ugo Nardi aka Piede Amaro • Riccardo Garrone : Virgilio, 'Il milanese' • Tiberio Murgia : Ferribotte • Carlo Pisacane : Capannelle • Gianni Bonagura : Amedeo
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Hold-up à la milanaise