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How Much Do You Love Me?
How Much Do You Love Me?




Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
6,99 €
François, bored with his lonely life in Paris and dull office job, goes to a bar and meets Daniela, a beautiful Italian whore. Telling her he has won millions on the lottery, he says he will pay her 100,000 euros a month to live with him until his money runs out. She agrees but André, his friend and doctor, warns them his weak heart will not cope with an energetic sex life. After a meal at a restaurant, Daniela goes down with food poisoning and André, called to attend her, has a stroke at the sight of her voluptuous naked body. Coming home one day, François finds Daniela gone. At the bar where they met, he learns she has resumed her old trade...
Themes Couple , Fantasy , Manipulation
Year of production 2005
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How Much Do You Love Me?