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I, Daniel Blake
I, Daniel Blake
I, Daniel Blake
by Ken Loach (2016)

Social Drama, Drama


United Kingdom

Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
14,99 €
British master Ken Loach won his second Palme d’Or at Cannes for this timely drama about an aged, ailing handyman’s battle to survive after being denied his government health allowance.The eponymous Daniel is an affable, 59-year-old carpenter in Newcastle, fighting to collect his Employment and Support Allowance after falling ill. (Government illogic stipulates that his benefits will be taken away unless he looks for work, yet doctor's orders prevent him from working.) Waiting to sign on at the local Jobcentre, Daniel befriends Katie, a young single mother who is also being shoved around by the vagaries of the system, having just been relocated with her two kids from a London homeless shelter to an affordable council flat up north. A mutually beneficial alliance, and makeshift extended family, is formed.
Year of production 2016
Release date 03/03/2017
Cast Ken Loach : • Paul Laverty : • Robbie Ryan : • Fergus Clegg : • Linda Wilson : • Joanne Slater : • Jonathan Morris : • George Fenton : • Rebecca O'Brien : • Dave Johns : Daniel Blake • Hayley Squires : Katie • Dylan McKiernan : Dylan • Briana Shann : Daisy • Mark Burns : le chercheur d'emploi • Micky McGregor : Ivan • John Sumner : le manager • Natalie Ann Jamieson : l'employée de l'agence pour l'emploi • Colin Coombs : le facteur • Harriet Ghost : la réceptionniste • Stephen Halliday : le vendeur de meubles • Bryn Jones : l'officier de police • Viktoria Kay : le femme au foyer • David Murray : le conseiller en téléphonie • Mick Laffey : le conseiller santé • Julie Nicholson : la Madame
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I, Daniel Blake