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Ivan's Childhood -12
Ivanovo detstvo

History, Drama



Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
6,99 €
The film is centred around 12-year-old Russian boy Ivan, whose parents have died during the Second World War. In striving single-mindedly to avenge their deaths, he lives the life of a homeless orphan. Sometimes he joins partisans and at other times he is with the Russian Army, but he is always adamant to fight on the front line, and takes advantage of his small size to get reconnaissance jobs for which grownups would be unsuitable. Ivan gropes for manhood with no role model, nor any beliefs or standards of his own beyond his already fragmentary memories of a happy boyhood before the War, which we glimpse in very brief but powerful reveries. Yet Ivan's fall from innocence is particularly extreme since his raison d'etre compels him to chase an entity that he is too afraid to define and that would transpire to be a phantom were it anything less than the Third Reich itself. Ivan, passionate yet helpless in an unyielding and dangerous world, exposes himself too often and is doomed to die very young in the captivity of the Nazis by execution. The lives of soldiers Ivan meets and his surroundings are explored with a scrutiny equal to that of the sensitive Ivan. Much of the film is set in an army dugout where the officers await orders, fearing death, planning assaults and talking apparent trivia while Ivan impatiently and nervously awaits his next reconnaissance mission. Tarkovski's first feature film, awarded a Golden Lion in 1962.
Themes Teenager , Learning , Grieving , Childhood , War , Youth , Justice , Mother , Nature
Year of production 1962
Release date 23/08/2019
Cast Andreï Tarkovski : • Mikhail Papava : • Vladimir Bogomolov : • Vladimir Bogomolov : • Vadim Yusov : • Inna Zelentsova : • Lyudmila Feiginova : • Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov : • Ministerstvo Kinematografii : • Nikolai Burlyayev : Ivan • Nikolai Grinko : le colonel Graznov • Valentin Zubkov : le capitaine Choline • Yevgeni Zharikov : le lieutenant Galtsev • Stepan Krylov : le caporal Katasonov • Valentina Malgavina : Macha • Irma Tarkovskaïa : la mère d'Ivan
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Ivan's Childhood