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L'intelligence des arbres
Intelligente Bäume


Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
A forester in Germany, Peter Wohlleben, has observed that the trees in his area communicate with one another by lovingly caring for their offspring, their elders and nearby trees when they are sick. He wrote the bestseller "The Secret Life of Trees" (sold over 1 million copies) that has amazed nature lovers. This documentary shows the meticulous and fascinating work of the scientists, necessary to the understanding of the interactions between the trees as well as the consequences of this discovery.
Themes Nature
Year of production 2016
VOD release date 01/04/2018
Cast Julia Dordel : • Guido Tölke : • Guido Tölke : • Guido Tölke : • Julia Dordel : • Julia Dordel : la femme dans la forêt • Suzanne Simard : elle-même • Peter Wohlleben : lui-même
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L'intelligence des arbres