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La fameuse route
La fameuse route
La fameuse route


Running time


Rent 48h
0,99 €
In a Renault Fuego from the 80s, Steven, Guy-Désiré, Armand, Henri and Jempy, five youngsters, take a little pleasure trip to the Netherlands in order to buy the kind of plants that are used for smoking. On the (in)famous road that should have been smooth and easy, they are stopped by Belgian policemen who, unable to discover the wheareabouts of the illicit substances, immobilise their vehicle and just leave it in nature. Thankfully, this really is the (in)famous road, and it is used by other pleasure trippers.
Themes Drugs , Youth
Year of production 2010
VOD release date 11/02/2016
Cast Adolf El Assal : • Tarantula Luxembourg : • Tony Bitegets : • Diego Castello : • Vincent Habay : • Gilles Soeder : • Armando Medina :
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La fameuse route