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Le Maître est l'enfant




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The filmmaker, an enthusiastic young father, discovers the work of the renowned educator Maria Montessori and decides to make a film about a class of children aged from three to six taught according to the Montessori philosophy. In the peaceful environment of a light and airy classroom filled with flowers, fruit, and abundant educational material, he meets with children who are free and happy, working alone or in groups. The teacher is unobtrusive, while the children read, make bread, do divisions, laugh, or sleep in class. Each year, new arrivals join in and quickly adapt to the classroom. Some of the children help the filmmaker to understand this magic: that of independence and self-reliance, the seeds of a new society of peace and freedom for which Montessori worked so hard.
Themes Learning , Education , Childhood
Year of production 2017
Release date 16/02/2020
Cast Alexandre Mourot : • Alexandre Mourot : • Alexandre Mourot : • Damien Salançon : • Catherine Mamecier : • Anne Aitken : • Anny Duperey : la voix de Maria Montessori
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Le Maître est l'enfant