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Les As de la Jungle
Les As de la Jungle
by David Alaux (2017)


Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
11,99 €
Maurice looks like a penguin, but inside, he's all tiger! Raised by a tigress, this penguin is far from awkward and has become a kung fu pro. With his friends, the Jungle Bunch, Maurice, following in his mother's footsteps, intends to ensure that order and justice will reign from now on in the jungle. But Igor, an evil koala, surrounded by his gang of not very smart baboon mercenaries, plans to destroy the jungle... The Jungle Bunch to the rescue!
Themes Family
Year of production 2017
Cast David Alaux : • Jean-François Tosti : • David Alaux : • Eric Tosti : • Olivier Cussac : • Jean-Christophe Bruneau : • Benoît Daffis : • Laurent Houis : • Hélène Blanchard : • Jean-Christian Tassy : • Jean-François Tosti : • Philippe Bozo : Maurice (voix) • Laurent Morteau : Gilbert (voix) • Pascal Casanova : Miguel (voix) • Céline Monsarrat : Batricia (voix) • Emmanuel Curtil : Al (voix) • Paul Borne : Bob (voix) • Maïk Darah : Natacha (voix) • Frantz Confiac : Tony (voix) • Richard Darbois : Igor (voix) • Alain Dorval : Goliath (voix)
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Les As de la Jungle