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My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill
My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill

Animation, Made in/with Luxembourg


France, Luxembourg

Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
6,99 €
Based on the award-winning graphic novel by writer Jean Regnaud and artist Emile Bravo, 'My Mommy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill' proves once again that animated features are not just for kids. The family of six-year-old Jean (voiced by Tom Trouffier) has still not told him that his mother has passed away. The boy simply believes his mum is on holiday – a ruse maintained by the girl next door, Michèle (voiced by Alice Orsat) who creates exotic postcards from Jean’s mother, which feed the boy’s imagination about his mum’s amazing adventures. While her absence is never openly addressed, the spirit of Jean’s mother is always around. At the same time, the story follows the boy’s everyday life at school, his friends and his hijinks. Set in a small provincial town in the 1970s, this is a subtle character study. French stars Marc Lavoine and Julie Depardieu lend their voices to this emotional and finely nuanced look at how children and adults find different ways to deal with loss. Nominated for the Academy Award of Best Animated Picture 2014.
Themes Grieving , Lies , Mother , Secrets
Year of production 2013
Release date 01/01/2017
Cast Marc Boreal : • Thibaut Chatel : • Stéphane Bernasconi : • Jean Regnaud : • Emile Bravo : • Fabrice Aboulker : • Valérie Dabos : • Stéphane Gaultier : • Thibaut Chatel : • Guillaume Galiot : • Stephan Roelants : • Marc Lavoine : Le papa de Jean (Voix) • Julie Depardieu : Yvette (Voix)
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My Mummy is in America and She Met Buffalo Bill