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Naked Opera -16

Austria, Luxembourg

Running time


Rent 48h
1,99 €
“Naked Opera” tells the story of a man with many faces. Marc is talented, intelligent, eloquent and wealthy but has suffered from an incurable illness from childhood. He considers himself to be a kind of Don Giovanni from Luxembourg and is permanently on the lookout for the perfect staging for his life and the perfect production of his favourite opera. Each weekend he escapes his everyday haute bourgeois life by travelling the world in search of the ultimate “Don Giovanni” performance. Marc surrounds himself with beautiful young men, stays at the best hotels in the world, and enjoys the pleasures of decadence. Director Angela Christlieb accompanies Marc on a journey from Luxembourg to Venice during which Marc falls in love with a young porn actor. In “Naked Opera” she succeeds in making a confrontational as well as intimate portrait of a tragic and fascinating person. “Naked Opera” is visually impressive — a film immersed in both a brilliant intellect and a hedonistic universe.
Themes Abandonment , Couple , Gay , Lost illusions , Intimacy , Youth , Illness , Separation
Year of production 2013
VOD release date 28/03/2016
Cast André Mergenthaler : • Pia Dumont : • Angela Christlieb : • Phillip Reimer : • Patricia Fürst : • Phillip Reimer : • Marc Rollinger : • Jordan Fox : • Nilton Martins : • Marc Clement :
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Naked Opera