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Nathalie Granger
Nathalie Granger


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This art film has no conventional dialog between the main characters. This tells a strangely compelling story of two women in a suburban home who are listening to radio news broadcasts about a missing child in their area.
Themes Crime
Year of production 1972
Release date 23/01/2020
Cast Marguerite Duras : • Marguerite Duras : • Ghislain Cloquet : • Paul Lainé : • Nicole Lubtchansky : • Marguerite Duras : • Luc Moullet : • Jean-Michel Carré : • Lucia Bosé : Isabelle Granger • Jeanne Moreau : L'amie • Gérard Depardieu : Le voyageur de commerce • Valérie Mascolo : Nathalie Granger • Luce Garcia-Ville : La directrice de l'école • Nathalie Bourgeois : Laurence Granger • Dionys Mascolo : Monsieur Granger
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Nathalie Granger