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Running time


Rent 48h
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Paisan is the second film of the ‘Neorealist Trilogy’. It is divided into six episodes set in the Italian Campaign during World War II. First episode: A Sicilian girl befriends an American soldier. When the two are killed, the US soldier believes he has betrayed. Second episode: A Napolitan rascal steals the boots from an Afro-american soldier. But when the soldier discovers where the young Italian girl lives, he is moved with pity and leaves the shoes behind him. Third episode: A Roman girl forced into prostitution encounters a soldier she had met on liberation day. But he does not want to have anything to do with her anymore. Fifth episode: Three American chaplains of different confessions are welcomed to stay the night at a newly liberated Roman Catholic monastery. When they sit down to supper, they understand that the monks have decided to convert the two heretics, one protestant, one jewish, in hopes of gaining the favour of heaven. Sixth episode, partisans and US paratroops are the victims of the ferocity of the German Nazis. One of the great masterpieces of Italian Neorealism.
Themes City
Year of production 1946
VOD release date 06/03/2018
Cast Roberto Rossellini : • Roberto Rossellini : • Sergio Amidei : • Klaus Mann : • Federico Fellini : • Alfred Hayes : • Vasco Pratolini : • Marcello Pagliero : • Otello Martelli : • Renzo Rossellini : • Ovidio Del Grande : • Eraldo Da Roma : • Renato Campos : • Rod E. Geiger : • Roberto Rossellini : • Mario Conti : • Carmela Sazio : Carmela • Robert Van Loon : Robert • Benjamin Emanuel : un soldat américain • Raymond Campbell : un soldat américain • Merlin Berth : un soldat américain • Mats Carlson : un soldat américain • Leonard Penish : un soldat américain • Harold Wagner : un soldat allemand • Albert Heinze : un soldat allemand • Carlo Pisacane : le vieil homme • Alfonsino Pasca : Pasquale • Dots M. Johnson : Joe • Maria Michi : Francesca • Gar Moore : Fred • Lorena Berg : Amalia • Achille Siviero : Cigolani • Harriet White : Harriet • Renzo Avanzo : Massimo • Gigi Gori : Gigi
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