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Puppylove -12

Belgium, Luxembourg

Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
At 14, Diane is an enigmatic teenager and a loner. She is busy bringing up her little brother, Marc, and has an intense relationship with her father, Christian. The appearance of Julia, a young charismatic and emancipated English girl, in her neighbourhood turns Diane's everyday life upside down. Diane, who wants to break the bounds of childhood at any price, goes through the most dramatic experiences of her life in the space of six months. The closer she is to Julia, the more she turns her back on morality, paying no attention to the consequences or the limits of her desires.
Year of production 2013
Release date 07/05/2014
Cast Delphine Lehericey : • Delphine Lehericey : • Martin Coiffier : • Sébastien Godefroy : • Ewin Ryckaert : • Audrey Hernu : • Uli Simon : • Elena Tatti : • Sébastien Delloye : • Solène Rigot : Diane • Audrey Bastien : Julia • Vincent Perez : Christian • Jan Hammenecker : Yann • Martin Nissen : Franck • Joel Basman : Paul • Théo Dardenne : Gilles • Vadim Goldberg : Marc
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