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Rome, Open City
Rome, Open City
Roma, Città aperta




Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
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Life stories cross, while Rome is occupied by the Nazis. Pina loves Francesco, a clandestine printer. Manfredi is the leader of the Roman resistance movement. Father Pietro, a parish priest, helps the resistance by transmitting messages and money. The Gestapo commander captures both of them, and interrogates Giorgio violently. They attempt to use Pietro’s religious beliefs to convince hi to betray his cause, citing that he allies himself with atheists. Pietro responds that anyone who strives to help others is on the path of God, whether they believe in him or not. When Don Pietro refuses to give in , he is executed. A quintessential example of neorealism in film, the film is considered part of Rossellini’s ‘neorealist trilogy’ together with “Paisan” and Germany, Year Zero”. Grand Prix at the Festival in Cannes 1946.
Year of production 1945
Release date 06/03/2018
Cast Roberto Rossellini : • Sergio Amidei : • Alberto Consiglio : • Roberto Rossellini : • Carlo Celeste Negarville : • Ubaldo Arata : • Renato Megna : • Raffaele Del Monte : • Eraldo Da Roma : • Renzo Rossellini : • Aldo Venturini : • Carla Politi : • Aldo Fabrizi : Don Pietro Pellegrini • Anna Magnani : Pina • Marcello Pagliero : Giorgio Manfredi/Luigi Ferraris • Harry Feist : Le major Bergmann • Francesco Grandjacquet : Francesco • Maria Michi : Marina Mari • Giovanna Galetti : Ingrid • Vito Annichiarico : Marcello • Carla Rovere : Lauretta
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Rome, Open City