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Secrets of War
Secrets of War
Secrets of War
by Dennis Bots (2014)

History, Made in/with Luxembourg


Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
Limburg, 1943. Twelve-year-olds Tuur and Lambert are childhood friends living in an idyllic village during wartime. A war that separates what has lived together for so long. Tuur’s parents are secretly taking sides with the resistance while those of Lambert join the NSB. Then Maartje, a new girl who reportedly comes from the west, enters the boy's lives. She has a big secret and decides to share it only with Tuur: a choice that will drive the boys apart and eventually brings Maartje in great danger. Not only will Tuur probably lose his friendship with Lambert, but his whole family could be at risk. He will have to do everything in his power to save both.
Themes Friendship , Rural life , Childhood , War
Year of production 2014
Release date 02/05/2016
Cast Dennis Bots : • Rolf Dekens : • Uli Simon : • Kurt Loyens : • Peter Alderliesten : • André Dziezuk : • Tarantula Luxembourg : • Maas Bronkhuyzen : • Joes Brauers : • Pippa Allen :
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Secrets of War