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The Clearstream Affair

Made in/with Luxembourg, Drama


Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
Journalist Denis Robert sparked a storm in the world of European finance by denouncing the murky operations of banking firm Clearstream. His quest to reveal the truth behind a secret world of shadowy multinational banking puts him in contact with an ever-expanding anti-corruption investigation carried out by Judge Renaud Van Ruymbeke. Their paths will lead them to the heart of a political/financial intrigue named the which will rock the foundations of the Europe and the French government itself.
Themes Crime
Year of production 2014
Release date 23/08/2019
Cast Vincent Garenq : • Vincent Garenq : • Stéphane Cabel : • Denis Robert : • Erwann Kermorvant : • Raphaël De Monpezat : • Elodie Codaccioni : • Vincent Garenq : • Renaud Chassaing : • Véronique Sacrez : • Catherine Marchand : • Nord Ouest Production : • Cool Industrie : • Gilles Lellouche : Denis Robert • Charles Berling : Juge Renaud Van Ruymbeke • Laurent Capelluto : Imah Lahoud • Florence Loiret-Caille : Géraldine Robert • Christian Kmiotek : Régis Hempel • Gregoire Bonnet : Laurent Beccaria • Eric Naggar : Jean-Louis Gergorin • Hervé Falloux : Dominique De Villepin • Laurent D'Olce : Vincent Peillon • Thomas Séraphine : Arnaud Montebourg
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The Clearstream Affair