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The Man of my Life

Tragic Comedy



Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
6,99 €
A man vacationing in the country with his wife and children finds his sexuality unexpectedly challenged in director Zabou Breitman's intimate drama. Frédéric is a family man who needs a vacation. Upon arriving at his cottage in the country, Frédéric makes the acquaintance of Hugo - the gay neighbor who resides in the adjacent cottage. A free spirit who is open about his sexuality and frequently goes skinny-dipping in the moonlight, Hugo seems to be everything that Frédéric isn't. Soon, the tension between Hugo and Frédéric is palpable. Yet, while they may be at odds over their opposite lifestyles, the two men are also obviously attracted to one another and soon begin to flirt heavily. But Hugo's taunting of hopeless romantic Frédéric begins bordering on cruel when it becomes obvious that Frédéric is jealous of his new lover. Hugo is staunch in his belief that by committing to a relationship you effectively destroy any possibility of real love, yet Frédéric is vehement in his quest for devotion, despite the fact that his relationship with his wife is at a critical turning point.
Themes Couple , Gay , Holidays
Year of production 2006
Release date 18/07/2019
Cast Zabou Breitman : • Zabou Breitman : • Agnès de Sacy : • Michel Amathieu : • Léa Drucker : • Charles Berling : • Bernard Campan : • Éric Prat :
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The Man of my Life