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The Rabbi's Cat




Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
The film takes place in the Jewish community of Algeria during the 1920s. One day a Rabbi finds that his talking parrot, which is very noisy, has been eaten by his cat and that the cat has gained the ability to speak in human tongues. However, the Rabbi finds that the cat is very rude and arrogant, so the rabbi teaches the cat about the Torah, with the cat deciding that if he is Jewish then he should receive a bar mitzvah, leading the two to consult with the rabbi's rabbi. The cat proceeds to mock and insult the rabbi's rabbi's strict views, who declares that the cat should be killed for its heresy. The rabbi takes his cat and leaves, mad at the cat for making a fool of his master, but the two eventually reach an agreement where the rabbi will teach the cat all about the Torah, and that someday he might have his bar mitzvah when he is ready.
Themes Animal(s) , Artist , Politics , Racism , Religion
Year of production 2010
Release date 19/09/2019
Cast Joann Sfar : • Antoine Delesvaux : • Joann Sfar : • Sandrina Jardel : • Joann Sfar : • Olivier Daviaud : • Matthieu Tertois : • Maryline Monthieux : • Antoine Delesvaux : • Joann Sfar : • Clément Oubrerie : • Katia Besimensky : • François Morel : Le Chat • Maurice Bénichou : Le Rabbin • Hafsia Herzi : La fille du Rabbin • Mathieu Amalric : le prince • François Damiens : Le reporter • Jean-Pierre Kalfon : le Malka des Lions • Fellag : le Cheik Mohammed Sfar • Marguerite Abouet : L'Africaine • Eric Elmosnino : Le professeur Soliman • Sava Lolov : le peintre russe
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The Rabbi's Cat