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The Story of the Weeping Camel
Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel

Documentary, Family



Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
6,99 €
Springtime in the Gobi Desert, South Mongolia. A family of nomadic shepherds assists the births of their camel herd. One of the camels has an excruciatingly difficult delivery but, with help from the family, out comes a rare white colt. Despite the efforts of the shepherds, the mother rejects the newborn, refusing it her milk and her motherly love. When any hope for the little one seems to have vanished, the nomads send their two young boys on a journey through the desert, to a a backwater town in search of a musician who is their only hope for saving the colt's life.
Themes Abandonment , Family , Traditions
Year of production 2002
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The Story of the Weeping Camel