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Through the Fire




Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
3,99 €
This is the story of Franck, a young and dedicated Parisian firefighter, happily married and the father of twin baby girls. Shortly after being promoted to being the leader of his fire crew, he and his team face their first big fire in a warehouse in the suburbs. It is a very dangerous blaze, with a number of injured firefighters. While saving one of his colleagues, Franck is severely burned when flaming debris falls on him. He spends the next two years in a hospital, first wrapped like a mummy until slowly the devastation of his face and body become apparent when bandages are removed. His wife and parents visit regularly, and he undergoes physical therapy. He is able to walk again, but his throat and lungs were injured in such a way that his voice will never be the same.
Themes Handicap , Work
Year of production 2018
Release date 28/03/2019
Cast Frédéric Tellier : • Frédéric Tellier : • David Oelhoffen : • Renaud Chassaing : • Gwendal Bescond : • Arnaud Bouniort : • Gwen Mallauran : • Vincent Goujon : • Bruno Seznec : • Christophe Lapinta : • Julien Madon : • Daniel Delume : • Cloé Garbay : • Nadia Khamlichi : • Adrian Politowski : • Bastien Sirodot : • Pierre Niney : Franck Pasquier • Anaïs Demoustier : Cécile Pasquier • Vincent Rottiers : Martin • Chloé Stefani : Nathalie • Sami Bouajila : Dr. Almeida • Elisabeth Commelin : Michèle Pasquier • Amélie Bénady : Eve • Mostepha Bouabane : Caporal-chef Mouss Thouvenot • Calypso Buijtenhuijs : Première classe Fameaux • Yasin Houicha : Bouchara • Théo Cosset : Moati • Yanig Samot : Le kiné
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Through the Fire