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Tonight -10



Germany, France

Running time


Rent 48h
2,99 €
It's a dark and surreal tale of a man determined to save a lost lover from a grim fate at the hands of a violent mob. The city of Santa Maria is falling into chaos as an armed military faction is poised to take power in a coup d'etat. Ossorio used to call Santa Maria home, and he has returned in its darkest hour to find the woman he loves, hoping to rescue her from the violence that is lurks around the corner. As Ossorio searches for his love, he meets Victoria in a shabby hotel, who in turn introduces him to her father Barcala, who for the right price is willing to take Ossorio and another passenger away on his boat. While Ossorio is willing to pay Barcala what he wants, can he find the mysterious woman before the ship sets sail?
Themes War , Lost illusions , Fight , Reunion
Year of production 2008
Release date 21/09/2019
Cast Werner Schroeter : • Werner Schroeter : • Gilles Taurand : • Juan Carlos Onetti : • Thomas Plenert : • Isabel Branco : • Isabel Branco : • Pierre Tucat : • Matthias Lempert : • Julia Gregory : • Bilbo Calvez : • Eberhard Kloke : • Paulo Branco : • Clap Filmes : • Gallery 415 : • Pascal Greggory : Ossorio • Bruno Todeschini : Morasan • Amira Casar : Irène • Bulle Ogier : Doña Inês • Jean-François Stévenin : Martins • Éric Caravaca : Villar • Nathalie Delon : Risso • Elsa Zylberstein : Maria de Souza • Laura Soveral : La mère de Rosaria • Mostéfa Djadjam : Granowsky • Sami Frey : Barcala • Marc Barbé : Vargas
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