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Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse




Running time


Rent 48h
3,99 €
Paul Dédalus is going to leave Tadzhikistan. He remembers… His childhood in Roubaix… His mother's insane outbursts... The bond between himself and his younger brother, Ivan, a pious and violent child... He remembers… When he was sixteen... His father, an inconsolable widower... This journey to the USSR on a clandestine mission, which led him to offer his own identity to a young Russian man... He remembers when he was nineteen, his sister Delphine, his cousin Bob, the wild nights with Pénélope, Mehdi, and Kovalki, the friend who had to betray him... His studies in Paris, his encounter with Dr. Béhanzin, his blossoming vocation for anthropology... And above all, Paul remembers Esther. She was the center of his life. Slowly, "a fanatical center."
Themes Friendship , Brother
Year of production 2014
Release date 20/05/2015
Cast Arnaud Desplechin : • Arnaud Desplechin : • Julie Peyr : • Irina Lubtchansky : • Toma Baqueni : • Nathalie Raoul : • Sylvain Malbrant : • Stéphane Thiébaut : • Nicolas Cantin : • Laurence Briaud : • Grégoire Hetzel : • Oury Milshtein : • Lou Roy-Lecollinet : Esther • Quentin Dolmaire : Paul Dédalus • Mathieu Amalric : Paul adulte • Dinara Droukarova : Irina • Cécile Garcia-Fogel : Jeanne Dédalus, la mère • Françoise Lebrun : Rose • Irina Vavilova : Mme Sidorov • Olivier Rabourdin : Abel Dédalus, le père • Elyot Milshtein : Marc Zylberberg • Pierre Andrau : Kovalki • Lily Taieb : Delphine Dédalus • Raphaël Cohen : Ivan Dédalus
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Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse