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Un chien andalou
Un chien andalou


Running time


Rent 48h
0,99 €
Classic surrealist short written and directed by Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali. The chronology of the film is disjointed, jumping from the initial "once upon a time" to "eight years later" without the events or characters changing very much. It starts with a woman's eyeball being sliced by a straight razor and proceeds to get more outrageous and nightmarish from there.
Year of production 1928
Release date 15/12/2019
Cast Luis Buñuel : • Luis Buñuel : • Salvador Dalí : • Albert Duverger : • Pierre Schildknecht : • Luis Buñuel : • Studio-Films (Paris) : • Luis Buñuel : • Pierre Braunberger : • Pierre Batcheff : L'homme • Simone Mareuil : La jeune femme • Salvador Dalí : Un frère des écoles • Jaume Miravitlles : Un frère des écoles • Luis Buñuel : L'homme au rasoir • Fano Messan : L'androgyne
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Un chien andalou