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About Us origins was initiated by Filmakademie in Luxembourg with the backing of Luxembourg independent producers and distributors through ULPA, and born from a partnership with the FilmFund and UniversCiné Belgium. Our aim was to create a VOD-Platform dedicated to independent cinema in general, and Luxembourg and European cinema in particular. We offer an alternative and militant view on cinema and stand in for independent culture and its spread.

The Catalogue

On, you can find and discover many iconic movies from independent contemporary cinema, available at any time you want. If many of them are classics, some of them were left on the verge of the distribution system and remain restricted. We offer you the possibility to discover those movies on

Of Movies and Men is the perfect place to discover new artists and unknown movies. To extend the experience, travels the world to meet film makers, actors and anybody who makes and loves cinema ! Hundreds of exclusive interviews are made just for you everyday.

To Share doesn’t restrict itself to the only viewing of films. Share your all-time favourites and your discoveries on social networks, create your playlists, review and comment films, put them aside for later… Live the experience!

Watch everywhere

If you started your movie on your computer, you can finish it happily in bed on your smartphone or tablet. You can watch your movies anywhere, anytime while horseback riding, going to the toilet (… there are people who like it) or even to the swimming-pool (even if that’s not really advised)!