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Category : Films (2032)
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  • Wajma • de Barmak Akram • Afghanistan - 2012 - 01h25m00
    Wajma Bahar  •  Mustafa Abdulsatar  •  Haji Gul  •  Breshna Bahar

  • Spider • de David Cronenberg • Canada • United Kingdom - 2001 - 01h38m00
    Ralph Fiennes  •  Miranda Richardson  •  Gabriel Byrne  •  Lynn Redgrave

    Dennis Clegg is in his thirties and lives in a halfway house for the mentally ill in London. His mind gradually slips back into the realm created by his illness, where he replays a key part of his childhood.

  • de Sergey Loznitsa • Germany • France • Ukraine - 2018 - 01h50m00
    Valeriu Andriuta  •  Natalya Buzko  •  Georgiy Deliev  •  Svetlana Kolesova  •  Thorsten Merten  •  Sergey Kolesov  •  Sergey Russkin  •  Boris Kamorzin  •  Vadim Dubovsky  •  Konstantin Itunin  •  Evgeny Chistyakov  •  Irina Plesnyayeva

    In eastern Ukraine, society begins to degrade as the effects of propaganda and manipulation begin to surface in this post-truth era. The film's thirteen segments explore the mid-2010s conflict between Ukraine and the Russian-supported Donetsk People's Republic.

  • de Serge Frydman • France - 2013 - 01h35m00
    Leïla Bekhti  •  Nicolas Duvauchelle  •  Arthur Dupont  •  Léo Lorléac'h  •  Orian Castano  •  Bruno Abraham-Kremer

  • Bassidji • de Mehran Tamadon • France - 2010 - 01h54m00

  • de Dario Argento • Italy - 1985 - 01h44m00
    Jennifer Connelly  •  Daria Nicolodi  •  Donald Pleasence  •  Dalila Di Lazzaro  •  Patrick Bauchau  •  Michele Soavi  •  Fiore Argento  •  Federica Mastroianni  •  Fiorenza Tessari

  • The Winning Season • de James C. Strouse • United States - 2009 - 01h44m00
    Sam Rockwell  •  Emma Roberts  •  Rob Corddry  •  Rooney Mara  •  Emily Rios  •  Jessica Hecht  •  Connor Paolo  •  Melanie Hinkle

  • de Pan Nalin • India - 2015 - 01h44m00
    Sarah-Jane Dias  •  Rajshri Deshpande  •  Sandhya Mridul  •  Amrit Maghera  •  Pavleen Gujral  •  Anushka Manchanda  •  Tannishtha Chatterjee

  • Blood Ties • de Guillaume Canet • France - 2012 - 02h07m00
    Clive Owen  •  Billy Crudup  •  Marion Cotillard  •  Mila Kunis  •  Zoe Saldana  •  Matthias Schoenaerts  •  James Caan  •  Noah Emmerich

    New York, 1974. Fifty-year-old Chris has just been released on good behaviour after several years in prison following a gangland murder. Reluctantly waiting for at the gates is his younger brother Frank, a cop with a bright future. Hoping that his brother has changed, Frank is willing to give him a chance - he shares his home, finds him a job, and helps him reconnect with his family...

  • de Sébastien Marnier • France - 2015 - 01h43m00
    Marina Foïs  •  Joséphine Japy  •  Jérémie Elkaïm  •  Benjamin Biolay  •  Jean-Luc Vincent  •  Jeanne Rosa  •  Véronique Ruggia-Saura

    Having lost her job as a real estate agent, Constance, 40, faces severe issues: she cannot rent a flat and she can't find another job in Paris. She decides to call her first ever boss in La Rochelle: to her surprise, he tells her that he is actually hiring. He explains that he has already found someone, but she is convinced she will get the job because of her superior experience. She does not...

  • de Cédric Klapisch • France - 2016 - 01h54m00
    Pio Marmaï  •  Ana Girardot  •  François Civil  •  Yamée Couture  •  Éric Caravaca  •  Jean-Marc Roulot  •  María Valverde

    After a 10 year absence, Jean returns to his hometown when his father falls ill. Reuniting with his sister Juliette and his brother Jérémie, they have to re-build their relationship and trust as a family again.

  • de Erick Zonca • France - 2018 - 01h59m00
    Vincent Cassel  •  Romain Duris  •  Sandrine Kiberlain  •  Elodie Bouchez  •  Charles Berling  •  Hafsia Herzi  •  Jérôme Pouly  •  Félix Back  •  Lauréna Thellier  •  Stephan Wojtowicz  •  Redda Terki  •  Stéphane Cachelin  •  Sadek Bourguiba

    A policeman with an alcohol problem investigates the disappearance of a teenage boy, the same age as his son, with whom he has a problematic relationship. During the investigation, the cop bumps up with the missing boy's teacher, who lives in the same building and is strangely eager to help.

  • So Help Me God • de Yves Hinant Jean Libon • France - 2017 - 01h39m00
    Anne Gruwez

    In this unapologetic and politically incorrect portrait, an extraordinary and eccentric Belgian judge takes viewers behind the scenes of real-life criminal investigations. The stranger-than-fiction documentary makes for a wild and riveting ride.

  • de Brice Cauvin • France - 2014 - 01h38m00
    Laurent Laffite  •  Agnès Jaoui  •  Benjamin Biolay  •  Nicolas Bedos  •  Marie-Christine Barrault  •  Guy Marchand  •  Bruno Putzulu  •  Arthur Igual  •  Elodie Frégé  •  Didier Flamand

    Three brothers in the midst of a mid-life crisis try to find The Easy Way Out in this French-language adaption of a 1992 novel by American writer Stephen McCauley (The Object of My Affection). Yet life, of course, is never that simple...

  • de Maïwenn Le Besco • France - 2015 - 02h05m00
    Emmanuelle Bercot  •  Vincent Cassel  •  Louis Garrel  •  Ludovic Berthillot  •  Camille Cottin  •  Félix Bossuet

  • de Frédéric Guillaume • Belgium - 2002 - 00h31m00

    In Brussels, on the main commercial road of the Toison d'Or by the Hilton, there is a black formed of about forty houses whose fate been in the hands of a big commercial and financial British group for the past two years. Twice this year, these powerful investors have tried to impose on the inhabitants of the neighborhood, the implementation of a mall thereby condemning these houses to demolition.

  • de Diego Lerman • Argentina - 2014 - 01h30m00
    Julieta Diaz  •  Sebastián Molinaro  •  Marta Lubos  •  Valentina García Guerrero  •  Silvia Bayle  •  Sofia Palomino Palomino  •  Sandra Villani  •  Paula Ituriza

    Matias and his mother Laura, find themselves forced to hurriedly abandon the house they live in to escape another outburst of violence from Fabian. Matias is 8 and Laura is newly pregnant. Thus they begin a wandering journey in search of a place they can feel safe and protected. They embark on an unusual road-movie of everyday life, a drama shot through with great humanity.

  • La Macchina ammazzacattivi • de Roberto Rossellini • Italy - 1952 - 01h23m00
    Gennaro Pisano  •  Giovanni Amato  •  Marilyn Buferd  •  William C. Tubbs  •  Helen Tubbs  •  Joe Falletta  •  Giacomo Furia  •  Clara Bindi

    After a wondrous revelation from his protective Saint, photographer Celestino Esposito discovers that his camera has a special power: a simple click can make evil men disappear. He then finds out that the revelation did not come from a Saint but from the devil himself.

  • de António-Pedro Vasconcelos • Brazil • Luxembourg • Portugal - 1999 - 01h51m00
    Saúl Fonseca  •  Fernanda Serrano  •  Joaquim Leitão  •  Guilherme Leme  •  Rogerio Samora

    A woman takes her young son, leaves her husband and moves in with her lover. The boy, desperate to get his parents back together, becomes convinced that if only he can get his father's stolen motorcycle back everything will be fine again, so he sets out to get enough money to buy his father a new one.

  • de Frans Buyens • Belgium - 2003 - 01h50m00
    André Goeffers  •  Lydia Chagoll  •  Michèle Simonnet  •  Anne Blanpain

    From Pacific War, we only remember the Japanese attack that happened on Pearl Harbor and those awful consequences : atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This movie shows it through concentration Japanese camps where Lydia Chagoll was interned during this war.

  • de Xavier Beauvois • France - 2010 - 02h00m00
    Lambert Wilson  •  Michael Lonsdale  •  Olivier Rabourdin  •  Philippe Laudenbach  •  Jacques Herlin  •  Loïc Pichon  •  Xavier Maly  •  Jean-Marie Frin

    A monastery in the middle of the Algerian mountains, during the 1990s. Eight French Cistercian monks live in harmony with the Muslim population. One day, foreign workers are massacred by a group of Islamic fundamentalists. Panic spreads among the inhabitants. The army offers to protect the monks, but they refuse assistence. Should they leave ?

  • de Thierry Onillon • Belgium - 2014 - 00h08m00
    Jean-Henri Compère  •  Olivier Bonjour  •  Emmanuel Plovier  •  Brigitte Mariaulle  •  Olivier Chantraine

    Bernard has been working at the municipal ice rink forever, getting progressively more bored, and most of all, colder and colder. One evening, before getting on his way home, he surprises a bronze athlete sculpture coming out of the shower. At the occasion of a dish of noodles favorable to all kinds of confidences, they discover a dream they share: to go to the sea.

  • Sheitan • de Kim Chapiron • France - 2005 - 01h35m00
    Vincent Cassel  •  Olivier Barthélémy  •  Nico Le Phat Tan  •  Roxane Mesquida  •  Oxmo Puccino  •  Romain Gavras  •  Leïla Bekhti  •  Monica Bellucci  •  Mouloud Achour

  • de Michel Leclerc • France - 2005 - 01h28m00
    Kad Merad  •  Elsa Zylberstein  •  Claude Brasseur  •  Patrick Chesnais  •  Lise Lamétrie  •  Vinciane Millereau  •  Jocelyne Desverchère  •  Sara Martins  •  Liliane Rovère  •  Husky Kihal  •  Jean-Pierre Monnier  •  Isabelle Petit-Jacques  •  François Toumarkine

  • Le Ciel Flamand • de Peter Monsaert • Belgium - 2016 - 01h54m00
    Sara Vertongen  •  Wim Willaert  •  Mathias Sercu  •  Naima Rodric  •  Tom Ternest  •  Esra Vandenbussche  •  Isabelle van Hecke  •  Ingrid De Vos

    Monique und ihrer Tochter Sylvie gehört ein Bordell an der Grenze zwischen der Provinz Westflandern und Frankreich. Sylvies Tochter Eline, die 6 Jahre alt ist, ist von dem geheimnisvollen Arbeitsplatz ihrer Mutter und ihrer Großmutter fasziniert, obwohl sie das Etablissement nicht betreten darf. Als es zu einem dramatischen Vorfall kommt, wirdn die Familienbande auf eine harte Probe gestellt.

  • de Vincent Macaigne • France - 2016 - 01h31m00
    Pauline Lorillard  •  Pascal Rénéric  •  Emmanuel Matte  •  Laurent Papot  •  Joséphine de Meaux  •  Laure Calamy

    Pascal and Pauline return to their parents' farm after many years of travel and are unable to pay the land taxes. They are confronted by their childhood friends who, from modest backgrounds, have never left the countryside. Above all, there's Emmanuel, who wants to buy their farm at cost price to expand his retirement homes. A war between friends of yesterday and desires of tomorrow threatens.

  • de Vincent Garenq • France - 2010 - 01h42m00
    Philippe Torreton  •  Wladimir Yordanoff  •  Noémie Lvovsky  •  Raphaël Ferret  •  Michèle Goddet  •  Farida Ouchani  •  Olivier Claverie  •  Jean-Pierre Bagot  •  Sarah Lecarpentier

  • de Pablo Trapero • Argentina - 2012 - 01h45m00
    Ricardo Darín  •  Jérémie Renier  •  Martina Gusman  •  Miguel Arancibia  •  Federico Barga  •  Esteban Díaz  •  Pablo Gatti  •  Walter Jakob

    Julian and Nicolas, two priests and long-standing friends are building a hospital for the local people of a shandy town in Buenos Aires. Nicolas is troubled by the failure of a project he was leading in the jungle and finds comfort in Luciana, a young atheist social worker. As his faith weakens, violence between the slum's drug dealers causes work on the hospital to be halted by the Ministry...

  • de Marie Ka • France - 2017 - 01h24m00

    Antoine, who is 5 years old, spends every other week-end at his father's - a limited time, which makes father-son transmission only more urgent. From homework to going hunting in the forest, this is the chronicle of an incessant initiation.

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth • de Eric Brevig • United States - 2008 - 01h32m00
    Brendan Fraser  •  Josh Hutcherson  •  Anita Briem

    Professor Trevor Anderson decides to follow his missing brother Max's steps with his nephew in Iceland, where they meet the guide Hannah Ásgeirsson. During a thunderstorm, they get caught in a cave, and discover a lost world in the center of the Earth.

  • Schwaarze Schnéi • de AFO • Luxembourg - 1985 - 00h48m00

    In the Natzweiler-Struthof camp, 26 Luxembourg survivors, including Minister Robert Krieps and Monsignor Jean Bernard, have gathered in order to recount what they have experienced in the Nazi concentration camps.

  • Weemseesdet - Epiosde 08 - Wat en theater wéint engem Bazar • de Désirée Nosbusch • Luxembourg - 2011 - 00h25m00
    Germain Wagner  •  Nicole Max  •  Luc Lamesch  •  Max Thommes  •  Eugénie Anselin  •  Sofia Lopes  •  Martine Borg  •  Fernand Fox  •  Désirée Nosbusch  •  Mickey Hardt  •  Laura Schuller  •  Anne Bredimus  •  Nilton Martins

    Weemseesdet is the first sitcom set in Luxembourg and was broadcast on RTL between October 2011 and March 2012. Each 3rd Luxembourger and several generations have regularly followed the adventures of the Wampach family. Weemseesdet, produced by Deal Productions in collaboration with RTL and with the support of Filmfund Luxembourg is family entertainment in the best sense.

  • Утомлённые солнцем, Utomlyonnye solntsem • de Nikita Mikhalkov • Russia - 1993 - 02h32m00
    Oleg Menshikov  •  Ingeborga Dapkunaite  •  Nikita Mikhalkov  •  Nadia Mikhalkova  •  André Oumansky  •  Vyacheslav Tikhonov  •  Svetlana Krioutchkova  •  Vladimir Ilyine

  • 71 Fragmente einer Chronologie des Zufalls • de Michael Haneke • Austria • Germany - 1993 - 01h39m00
    Gabriel Cosmin Urdes  •  Otto Grünmandl  •  Lukas Miko  •  Anne Bennent  •  Udo Samel  •  Claudia Martini  •  Georg Friedrich  •  Patricia Hirschbichler  •  Barbara Nothegger  •  Lucia Steindl  •  Klaus Händl  •  Dorothee Hartinger  •  Corina Eder

    71 scenes revolving around a recent immigrant, a couple that has just adopted a daughter, a college student and a lonely old man. The last part of Haneke's "Glaciation Trilogy" after "The Seventh Continent" and "Benny's Video".

  • de Natalia Leite • United States - 2014 - 01h30m00
    Dianna Agron  •  Paz de la Huerta  •  Chris Zylka  •  Louisa Krause  •  Mary Price Moore  •  Alexandra Roxo  •  Lora Martinez-Cunningham  •  Kelly Pittman  •  Travis Hammer  •  Kelley Lewallen  •  Luis Bordonada

    A young girl in Nevada becomes romantically involved with a female drifter who introduces her to a life of stripping, drugs, and metaphysical experiences that teach her what happens when real life catches up with dark fantasy.

  • The Escape Artist - Part 2 • de Brian Welsh • United Kingdom - 2013 - 01h30m00
    David Tennant  •  Toby Kebbell  •  Sophie Okonedo  •  Ashley Jensen  •  Stephen Wight  •  Gus Barry  •  Tony Gardner  •  Brid Brennan

  • de Stéphane Brizé • France - 2008 - 01h41m00
    Vincent Lindon  •  Sandrine Kiberlain  •  Aure Atika  •  Jean-Marc Thibault  •  Bruno Lochet  •  Michèle Goddet  •  Arthur Le Houérou  •  Anne Houdy

    Jean, his loving wife and son live a simple, happy life. At his son's homeroom teacher Madamoiselle Chambon's request, he volunteers as substitute teacher and starts to fall for her delicate and elegant charm. His ordinary life between family and work starts to falter.

  • To Be or not to Be • de Ernst Lubitsch • Poland • United Kingdom - 1942 - 01h39m00
    Carole Lombard  •  Jack Benny  •  Robert Stack  •  Félix Bressart  •  Lionel Atwill  •  Stanley Ridges  •  Sig Rumann  •  Tom Dugan  •  Charles Halton

  • de Joël Brisse Marie Vermillard • France - 2010 - 01h17m00
    Alexia Monduit  •  Melchior Derouet  •  Geneviève Tenne  •  Antoine Chappey  •  Frédérique Farina  •  Anne Azoulay  •  Zinédine Soualem  •  Bruno Lochet  •  Hiam Abbass  •  Simon Abkarian

    23 intimate confessions from rumor to mistake, maturity to truth, mask to the day of anger. 23 stories arising from experiences that have been lived through and that have remained frozen in memory because they were the source of confusion and worry.

  • de Julien Rappeneau • France - 2015 - 01h35m00
    Noémie Lvovsky  •  Kyan Khojandi  •  Alice Isaaz  •  Sara Giraudeau  •  Philippe Rebbot  •  Anémone  •  Camilla Rutherford  •  Nicolas Bridet

    Vincent Machot knows his life by heart. He shares between his hairdressing salon, his cousin, his cat, and his too invasive mother. But life sometimes surprises even the most cautious - He meets up with Rosalie Blum, a mysterious and lonely woman, and is convinced to have already met her. But where? Intrigued, he decides to follow her everywhere, hoping to learn more.

  • de Guillaume Senez • Belgium • France - 2008 - 00h16m00
    François Civil  •  Emilie de Preissac  •  Eric Herson-Macarel  •  Dominique Baeyens  •  Jérémy Choda  •  Sandrine Laroche  •  Béatrice Didier  •  Jasmina Douieb  •  Maëlle Galeote

    Lionel is 17 years old. Like every teenager, he wears big jeans, crazy hair and spends much of his time killing virtual people on his T.V. Beaten by his father, he is about to become a dad but he's obviously not ready to take care of the baby...

  • de Amin Matalqa • United States - 2016 - 01h35m00
    Stana Katic  •  Raza Jaffrey  •  Alfonso Bassave  •  Glenn Fleshler  •  Meg Cionni  •  Darby Stanchfield

    Rachel, a Jewish-American doctor, and Jake, an Arab-American bureaucrat, travel across the Middle East to investigate the death of Rachel's archaeologist brother. From L.A. to Jordan and the ancient city of Petra, they find themselves hunted by a doomsday group called the Armageddonites who believe Rachel and Jake possess the missing Dead Sea Scroll that could bring about the end of days.

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