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'Mos Stellarium' selected for the Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin

The Luxembourg-produced documentary 'Mos Stellarium' by Karolina Markiewicz and Pascal Piron and produced by Tarantula Luxembourg has beein included in the official competition of Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin, which took place March 10th to 14th.

Review by- Michael Lee

Shipped, boxed, and carried off, in trucks and trailers across sea and land in the dead of night, only to wake up in the blinding sun of strange lands. This is only the beginning for some of these refugees. Strangers in strange lands. Stick thin, hungry, tired. But these are the lucky ones, word is the other truck drained of oxygen before it got to Luxembourg.

Deportation is an imminent threat. It’s a harrowing, tooth and nail existence, a seemingly constant uphill battle. Near stripped of hope, living in constant fear for tomorrow, working for better futures; but not knowing if the ground beneath their feet will even be there in the morning.

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